How do you impact the world while earning a great living and having the dream life you deserve?

Sound Familiar?

√ You’d love to offer a digital product or service.

√ You need to expand your reach but don't know where to start.

√ Launching a profitable online offer feels like an enormous task.

√ You wish someone would tell you exactly how to do it!

√ You want one solution—one source that provides everything you need.

√ You want to make an impact and good money while you’re at it!

√ You tried launching, but it didn’t work.

√ You lack focus, accountability and need support.

√ You’d love to connect with a community of like-minded women.


Monarch Business Academy (MBA)

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to join the digital revolution, now’s the time! Let the Monarch Business Academy unlock the secrets to building a business that impacts the world, while doing work that you love.

It’s time to get your MBA—the world needs what you have!


√ Feeling in control

√ Collaborating with heart-centred entrepreneurs 

√ Only working with your ideal clients!

√ Feeling calm as you build, scale, and launch 

√ Making money doing what you love!

This isn’t a dream. This is daily life inside the MBA!

Yes, I want in!


This isn't just another program. The amount of value, personal growth and support that you receive inside this container is incredible! No matter where you are in your business journey, Amanda's method provides clarity, direction, and community while reducing the overwhelm that comes with launching. This program is easily one of the best on the market. "

~Amanda Bellamy

Beyond Launch

Many heart-centered entrepreneurs join Monarch Business Academy, determined to mastermind the perfect launch. Want to know a secret? What you find inside the MBA is so far beyond the launch, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything more comprehensive. IT’S REALLY THAT GOOD! 


What you get...

√ A solid foundation to build and future-proof your business.

√ The clarity to niche down and find your ideal clients.

√ A big picture strategy for sustainable growth.

√ A foolproof formula for mastering emails, funnels, and content.

√ The confidence and willingness to succeed!

Once you illuminate the vision, recognize the impact, and establish the foundation, your journey to launching has begun! You’ve done the grunt work—you’re aligned with your values. HOLD ON TIGHT. IT’S A CRAZY RIDE!

I'm ready to fly!

Monarch Business Academy 

Monarch Business Academy (MBA) is a transformational experience that gives heart-centred entrepreneurs a safe space to build, grow, and launch! 

Learn how to profitably share your business vision with the world.


I created Monarch Business Academy to help passionate women give life to their dreams. I use 20 years of business and launch experience, and distill industry knowledge into bite-sized, actionable steps. Proven ways to help you take your dream and turn it into the biggest success story of your life!

Amanda Wilson-Ciocci, Founder

Let's do this!

Celebrating Success!

Carley Simandl Empowerment Coach

“Be Your Own Best Friend”

Challenge: Not recognizing or understanding personal blindspots around sales pages and funnels


√ SOLD OUT 25 spots before launch

√ Waitlist for next launch

√ Feeling confident about future launches

"I had a product I wanted to launch and quite honestly no idea where to start. This program was foundational for me. It helped me understand the community I wanted to serve and how to reach them."


We're not interested in average!

The heart-centred women who join MBA are far from ordinary. 

If you’re passionate about your work and driven to make your mark, you belong in this program!

You’re extraordinary! Your message matters, and your work is valuable. 

This program is transformational and gives you the systems, tools, and support to amplify your voice and share your work with the world.

Hi! I'm Amanda.

You’re a heart-centred entrepreneur changing the world, and I’m the hearty ambitious generating gemini mentor who’s going to make it happen!

As a cancer survivor and mother of three, I know that life (and time) is precious. I’ve struggled and worked ridiculously hard to get where I am. When I see that my business and family are thriving, I know it was worth it. Today, I commit my time to love my family and helping women supercharge their powers on the journey to success.

Inside Monarch Business Academy I developed an 8-step process called Signature 8 that takes students successfully from business vision to launch. 

No fluff. No wasted energy. No “one size fits all.” 

Time spent helping good people do good things.

I can’t wait to work with you!

Me too...let's do this!

Signature 8

Dream it

DREAM the life you want to live! Mindset matters when it comes to vision. Get ready as we dive deep. Bust through limiting beliefs and get clear on your future.

Know it

Understand why you are doing it. Uncover the core beliefs behind what you do. KNOWING your why is essential to achieving your dream!

Be it

Your core values explain who you are at the deepest level. When you live aligned with your values, you are free to BE you!

Give it

Understanding who your ideal clients are and what motivates their behaviours, allows you to GIVE them what they need. Better service means better value.

Build it

Lay the foundation. You can't BUILD a roof without a solid foundation. Regardless of where you are on the journey, we start by building a solid foundation.

Reach it

Share your talents and gifts! With access to several top industry experts, learn how to effectively REACH your target audience.  

Launch it

There is no one size fits all. With a customized roadmap and LAUNCH plan, you gain the hyperfocus and clarity you need to succeed!

Love it

Gratitude changes everything. Acknowledge your journey and feel deep gratitude and LOVE for the work you have done.

Celebrating Success!

Stacey Carswell

“The Everyday Athlete Program”

Challenge: Feeling stuck and limited – needed to transition the business and grow it online


√ 1 registration away from stretch goal

√ Feels inspired and connected to her work again

√ Sees limitless potential

"The program helped me realize that there’s a way to share my business with the world that comes from my heart and a place of passion. I had taken other business courses in my field and they always felt pushy and it didn't fit with me. Amanda showed me there are a lot of ways to reach my audience. I plan to continue to apply what I have learned and "launch" again and again with more focus and purpose."

Week 0: Welcome to the cocoon Monarchs!!! 

Week 1: Mindset & Dreaming Big - Jenn Walker

Week 2: Understanding Who You Serve & Niching Down - Jessica Flynn

Week 3: Lead Magnets & Sales Funnels - Emily Conley

Week 4: Conversion Copy | The Sales Page - Ciara Gigleux  

Week 5: Strategic Content | Instagram for Business - Britta Blanski

Week 6: Webinars That Work | The Prelaunch - Isabela Erickson

Week 7: Automation & Onboarding to WOW - Amanda Bellamy

Week 8: Launch in Flo | Infradian Rhythms - Sarah Blake 

Week 9: Integration & Accountability

Week 10: Integration & Accountability

Week 11: Integration & Accountability

Week 12:  What's Next? - Amanda Wilson-Ciocci


Valued at over $15,000

FOR ONLY $3000

*or 3 monthly payments of $1111

12 Training Videos - Our Signature 8 method helps you build, grow,
launch and transform your business

A Comprehensive Launch Toolkit & Tech Vault with every resource, template, and outline you need to plan, promote, and launch 

3 months of weekly group coaching calls with TWO COACHES to help you gain clarity and accelerate your progress 

Private Slack Community for feedback, support, and accountability

60 Days Calendar and Checklist to give you step-by-step action items and direction 

1:1 Launch Strategy Session with Amanda 

√ Guest expert trainings to improve lead magnets, funnels, systems, copywriting and more!

There are so many moving parts when launching a business you love. The Monarch Business Academy focuses on building a strong foundation and breaking down the nitty-gritty so you can build, grow and launch with ease and speed.

Start the car...Apply Now!!!


Monarch Business Academy is a business accelerator and mentorship program designed for heart-centred women and women identifying entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their businesses with a signature program. Using an 8-step methodology, you successfully launch a product, service, course, or membership to your target audience. Still not sure? Book a free consultation. Let’s chat about your business.

As the saying goes, you get out what we put in. If you follow the program the way it's designed, your chance for success dramatically improves. This program gives you a step-by-step strategy for success. Access to several key industry experts, training modules, tools, resources, and video tutorials keeps you focused and organized with major accountability.

You have access to the program content for life. Use our 8-step methodology and extensive resource library every time you launch! We update the toolkit monthly to ensure relevant and current content and tools. Don't see the resource you need? Simply REQUEST WHAT YOU NEED, and we promise to find it within a month. Now that's service!

Weekly group coaching calls are led by Amanda Wilson-Ciocci and Jenn Walker. If you’re unavailable for the calls, you can catch up by listening to the session recordings, but the expectation and intention coming into this container is that you will join live, cameras on, and ready to engage! 

Aside from the 1 hour weekly coaching calls, we recommend blocking out 5-8 hours weekly to focus ON your business and complete all program tasks. Some business owners put in more time, others less. It isn’t necessarily about the quantity of time but your effective use of the time you put in.  

The MBA is as much about building a business as it is about launching. Even if you decided not to launch, you can grow your business from the ongoing support and tools you get inside the program, but our ask is that you commit to launching your signature program by the end of the 12 week accelerator. 

The next MBA cohort begins February 16th 2022! Applications are open and we are only taking a cohort of 12.  

Please contact us at [email protected]. We aim to respond within 24 hours Mon-Fri.  Prefer to chat? Click HERE to book a free chat with Amanda. Let’s talk about your business and see if MBA is a great fit for you!

Wondering if Monarch Business Academy is right for you? Book your FREE CONSULTATION with Amanda now. Come with questions; leave with clarity!

Let's Chat!

Celebrating Success!

Emily Conley

“The Copy Party”

Challenge: Having a successful launch! 


√ Sold out 10 spots of beta round

√ Most successful launches following the strategy and plan

√ Reached consistent $20K months

√ Confident in process, program and mindset

The biggest win in my opinion was that I had all the tools AND mindset I needed. I had no one sign up for the first two days, and I wanted to quit. But I knew I had a plan and was committed to seeing it through. And it WORKED! Outside of launching, this program was the main impetus behind me hitting my first $10k month."

Monarchs are part of a thriving community of entrepreneurial women striving to live a purpose-driven life of impact, joy, and fulfillment. Once you’ve connected, you are a friend for life! Whether you are looking for like-minded friends, strategic partnerships, or just a comfortable place to connect, we offer many opportunities for growth and collaboration. Watch for our August retreat! Coming soon 💗

Sharing more Monarch love...

"What an incredible experience this has been. THANK YOU for all of your reinforcement it has been unbelievably appreciated. You woke me up to many truths and the possibility that the membership could actually happen. My heart is full and I am going to steep in that."
Jill Proud, Your Bigger Future Membership Launch
"In our first Momentum Call inside the program, I went from feeling overwhelmed by the process, to feeling like it was completely doable. All within five minutes. Amanda has a way of making the impossible seem so possible.  Amanda lies. She's not just a launch expert. She is actually a map maker, showing you the shortest, easiest path to launching your product."
Lora Groves, No Stress SEO 
"I experienced Transformation by signing up for this program!  I gained a kick-ass community & support.  It opened me up to new opportunities that I might have missed, and also kicked my ass in gear to get some really great structure in my business. Heck to the YEAHHH I would recommend this program!!  The toolbox alone is worth 10X the investment of the program.  There's a lot out there in the online business space, and it's hard to know who to trust, and what program is the best.  Amanda is the real deal, an expert in business strategy, and launching.  She is a phenomenal teacher and has a seamless structure that is delivered with humour and kindness. :)
Jenn Walker, Yellow Canary Clay Co.
"I would absolutely recommend this program! The amount you learn and the fact that you can continually reuse the information for every launch you do... it's invaluable. I have already started helping people with launches, and it's given me such a deeper understanding of the role of a funnel and reasons why some funnels haven't been successful in the past. I also feel confident  with my own personal launches in the future. This was so awesome. I learned so much from this, including how I want to show up for my future students. Thanks for being amazing & setting the bar so high." 
Jess Haney, Copy and Funnels
"As an educator that has taught 15,000 students deep, intuition-based classes in person for 30 years using a 'word-of-mouth model' I have found that transitioning in the past four years to On-Line teaching has been a unique experience. Over the last decade, I have just seen too many hyped up sales funnels and Kool-Aid stands selling everyone on how to grow their business. Most of what I have been exposed to has felt immature and lacking in genuineness. Having taken the program I have renewed confidence. Amanda was educational, professional, yet very down to Earth. It is hard to achieve that genuine balance. I now feel more open to blending these newer models with our current approach without feeling fake with our precious students. That is very important to me." 
Lori Wilson, Inner Access 101 

"Launching with Amanda was a smooth process. As a result, the launch more than doubled our membership numbers and recurring monthly revenue! It felt like my launch was running on autopilot and I was better able to serve my audience without the stress and overwhelm of making it up as you go! If you want to better serve your customers, have a launch strategy that actually works, make an impact with your business and build it in a big way, then launching with The Monarch is the way to go!"

Gemma Bonham-Carter, The Passive Project Membership

"The launch process with The Monarch was so organized and structured. The Launch more than doubled our membership numbers and recurring monthly revenue! The roadmap and work with Amanda is incredibly helpful to help reduce the overwhelm associated with launching."

Meagan Williamson, Pin Potential Membership

"As I go through this program, and learn from you, I am reminded that I can learn how to make wiser business decisions but to always be true to who I am. Watching you run a successful business as such a kind, generous and connected person is showing me what's possible. You continually remind me that I have permission to be myself and I can be a powerful business woman at the same time.  

Traci Scheepstra, Embodied Learnings

The longer the runway, the better the takeoff! Building a strong foundation, having the resources, tools and support you need to create the impact you are looking to make in this world is within reach.


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